Richard Jones

Principal + Director of Planning and Landscape Design

As Principal + Director of Planning and Landscape Design, Richard Jones leads planning and design for the firm’s landscape architecture projects and supports the integration of placemaking into the Baker Barrios Architects’ design philosophy. Throughout his career, Richard has pursued a vision of design and landscape architecture that aims to enrich human relationships, support communities and provide sustainable solutions.

Richard’s experience includes the award-winning Design with Dredge project, which focused on the innovative reuse of dredge for the Baltimore Harbor and Chesapeake Bay estuary. He also led design for several of Baltimore’s most significant open spaces including Eager Park, Pierce’s Park and the newly redesigned Rash Field. His commitment to creating places of significance goes beyond design excellence to encompass community engagement, advocacy and activism and is rooted in the core belief that given the economic, social and environmental challenges of the day, design professionals cannot simply define themselves as architects or landscape architects, but rather should aspire to be architects of the creative process.


University of Maryland
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture


Member, American Society of Landscape Architects