Who We Are

Our Vision

Transform the present. Shape the future.
Make tomorrow a better place.

Transform the present.

We shape places.

We are the catalyst—the transformative engine—that drives the process of placemaking. We give form to the amorphous. We imbue meaning in the abstract. We compose narrative from the ambiguous. By shaping objects and the experiences around those objects we transform space into place.

Shape the future.

We shape the future by transforming present spaces into tomorrow’s places. To “shape” is to influence how a place is perceived and experienced physically, intentionally, and psychologically. These elements are represented by the 3Ps of placemaking: presence, purpose and persona.

Our Method: The 3Ps


The physical embodiment of a place
—how it looks.


The intended usage of a place
—how it functions.


The mood or ambience of a place
—how it feels.

Make tomorrow a better place.

We believe in the power of transformation. We believe that by shaping objects and the experiences around those objects we’re capable of improving lives, neighborhoods and communities. While change is inevitable it can also be innovative, creative, and productive—all that’s required is a nuturing hand. We shape places and, in turn, they shape us.

Our Legacy

Baker Barrios Architects has a long-standing commitment to values and ideals that will forever be imprinted on our legacy and woven into the very DNA of the company. We are in the business of service . Through our commitment to meaningful relationships, both internal and external, we are proud to produce creative work that inspires communities around us while making lives better. That’s how we started and that’s how we’ll continue to grow. Some things – like our values and ideals – should never change.