Author: Wayne Dunkelberger | Principal + Creative Director of Design

The design process is complex. Usually, architects are tasked with creating places where function is the priority. At Baker Barrios Architects (BBA), we are here to understand our clients’ needs and to tell their story. Our process is designed to do just that, delving into the nature of a space, the aspirations of our clients and the community the project serves.


The Placemaking Process

This deeper dive into design is often referred to as placemaking—which is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Simply stated, placemaking prioritizes the community and people a place serves.

A great example of this approach is the Alfond Inn at Rollins College, where placemaking led us to uncover and tell the client’s story. By exploring the historical and cultural elements of both the site and the community it serves we were able to design a hotel that has been embraced and enjoyed by the Central Florida community and beyond.

We believe the creation of spaces is a holistic approach to a human-centered design process, so at BBA, placemaking is at the root of all design. By seamlessly bringing together landscape architecture, traditional architecture and interior design in real time, we can create spaces in an entirely new, more integrated way.


People Who Make a Difference

As industry leaders, our team’s commitment to placemaking goes beyond just the design process. Our vision has always been to create, nurture and grow a team with thought leaders in planning and urban design, landscape architecture, architecture and interior design. Additionally, our leadership works to foster psychological safety amongst all team members from all disciplines every day.

In order to be successful, our team must have a passion and interest in all the disciplines that create productive, inspiring spaces. As part of continual pursuit of this commitment we have recently grown our landscape architecture practice with the addition of Richard Jones, as Principal + Director of Planning and Landscape Architecture. His dedication to creating places of significance goes beyond design excellence to encompass community engagement, advocacy and activism–something we also hold dear. Our fundamental pledge to community is deeply rooted in the core belief that, given the economic, social and environmental challenges of the day, design professionals cannot simply define themselves as architects or landscape architects. Rather, they should aspire to be architects of the creative process.

With different perspectives and skill sets aligned under the same goals, we can assure clients that every project has been assessed from multiple angles and viewpoints—providing them with a truly innovative design.


Endless Possibilities

The future of placemaking and design at BBA centers around our commitment to an innovative and holistic design process where each project’s team and stakeholders have a say in the process and vision. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless.

We always aspire to inspire both our clients and communities with our work. Through a design process that puts a heavy focus on collaboration, we can provide a diverse and well-thought-out approach to architecture. Great design is not developed in a vacuum, and we apply that belief to every one of our projects. Couple this collaborative spirit with a commitment to community outreach, and we are able to produce work with “skin in the game” and care for those we serve.