In an interview with Multi-Housing News, Brad Lutz, multifamily practice leader and Managing Principal (Chicago) at Baker Barrios Architects, shared his predictions for 2024. Lutz and industry professionals discussed the emerging trends that he expects to shape the industry in the coming years, providing insights into the factors that will influence the market

Brad Lutz, Managing Principal (Chicago) &                           Multifamily Practice Leader

Among the trends identified, Brad proposed the addition of a unique bespoke coffee/tea bar to Society Orlando, a new project located in Downtown Orlando. If you’re interested in the future of the multifamily housing industry, you won’t want to miss what Brad Lutz, Baker Barrios Architects’ multifamily practice leader, had to say in his recent interview with Multihousing News. Lutz’s insights and predictions for 2024 are sure to be of interest to anyone involved in this dynamic and ever-evolving field; read more here: Top 12 Multifamily Predictions for 2024 – Multi-Housing News (