Baker Barrios contributed as Associate Architect on the new theater. From the Dr. Phillips Center:

Steinmetz Hall at a Glance:

  • As one of the world’s most acoustically advanced theaters, Steinmetz Hall officially achieved an N1 sound rating—the lowest level at which humans can detect sound.
  • It’s one of very few theaters in the world that can transform in shape, seating, and sound to accommodate a variety of performances and events—with or without amplification.
  • The quality of the space and the caliber of artists it will attract is on par with the most acclaimed venues across the globe—including Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House and Royal Albert Hall.
  • There are 4 seating levels: orchestra (level 1), grand tier (level 2), center tier (level 3) and upper tier (level 4).
  • Depending on the configuration, maximum capacity ranges from 1,597 to 1,741 people.

Downtown Orlando also shared a video preview showing off the space: watch video here »