Baker Barrios Architects Finalists in Tampa Bay Business Journal Best Place to Work Awards


Every day that we can come into work and help our clients fulfill their dreams is a good day. Working with a team who cares about each other and the work that we do is truly a blessing and something we never take for granted. That being said, it’s with pride that we share the news that Baker Barrios Architects is a finalist for Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2018.

Though we don’t need outside sources to tell us that we have something special here at Baker Barrios, the validation from a publication so deeply tapped into our community is something we are humbled by, and yet another reason to walk into work every day with our heads held high. To our team, you are the reason we succeed. You are the reason we’re considered for these awards and you make Baker Barrios Architects one of the best places to work.