connecting with customers


When you walk into a store or restaurant you love, there is often a sense of electricity in the air, a buzz and a distinct feeling to the place. Tim Baker, founding principal at Baker Barrios Architects, was intrigued by this feeling and teamed with founder & CEO of marketing firm Findsome & Winmore and author of Formulaic: How Thriving Brands Market From the Core, Matt Certo. Together, they wrote an intriguing article dissecting why a company’s physical space is so powerful.

Within the article, they come to a realization that a business’s physical space is much more than just eye candy. A physical space is intrinsic to connecting with customers and team members at a far deeper level. An office, restaurant or store’s decor, paint scheme and art on the walls are intrinsic to making an impact on customers and the team that serves them, acting as an extension of the brand itself.

One salient example is that of the Apple Store. The Apple brand is iconically minimalist and that motif extends to their stores. These stores are palaces of light woods, glass and white panels that perfectly exemplify the simplicity and cleanliness that Apple exudes in its branding and products.

If you want to know more about Tim Baker and Matt Certo’s exploration on how physical environments connect with customers, read their full article on i4 Business.You may be surprised by just how important a perfectly designed physical space is to creating and fostering real connections with your business.