healthcare architecture

Image Credit: Vladimir Kudinov

As a principal at Baker Barrios Architects, I have a responsibility to keep my ear to the pavement in order to see exactly where the world of architecture, in its many applications, is headed for current and future clients. It can be challenging, but it is also one of the more exciting and interesting aspects of my role here–keeping a close eye on what is just around the bend. One of the most quickly and consistently changing sectors of our business is in the arena of healthcare.

The best healthcare architecture trends focus on providing one thing above all else: comfort for the patient, who may have to call the healthcare facility home for an unknown amount of time.

Some of the most promising recent trends include:

  • Overcrowding Prevention: The feeling of claustrophobia is a real concern when designing a healthcare facility. With many facilities forced to see as many patients as possible, less strategically designed rooms can quickly feel overcrowded. With this reality in mind, new facilities are being designed to take advantage of every single square inch of floor space available, leading to better foot traffic flow, enough room for healthcare professionals to do their jobs and less anxiety for patients. 
  • Personalized Patient Rooms: A little personal touch can go a long way. Simple tech such as digital signage and customizable communication boards can allow patients to surround themselves with photos, weather forecasts and small touches that can keep their room from feeling like the sterile, cookie-cutter rooms of old. 
  • Micro-hospitals: Though some say to go big or go home, the future of healthcare facilities may be quite small. Smaller-scale inpatient facilities are on the rise, but do not let their size fool you; micro-hospitals offer facilities that can often match what is found in the larger campuses.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthcare architecture trends. Though no one can know the future with any certainty, we can confidently predict that architects will continue to strive to make visits to healthcare facilities as pleasant as possible for patients.

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John Slavens, Principal + Healthcare