As the saying goes, you are what you do. Our clients and friends at Aquatic Design & Engineering (ADE) have made it their mission to create more than simple water fountains and swimming pool, instead they have opted to make unforgettable aquatic experiences for clients from Dallas to Dubai. As ADE specializes in crafting attractions with real wow factor, there is absolutely no way we’d stand to let their team settle for anything other than an equally head-turning office.

Baker Barrios was proud to design ADE’s recent downtown Orlando office space expansion and, though we were both extremely happy with the end product, it is gratifying to see others take notice of this design project. It’s with great pleasure that we share the news that ADE is now the proud owner of the Downtown Orlando Partnership’s Golden Brick Award and Orlando Business Journal’s Coolest Office Space Award. Though the aesthetics are obviously important considerations of these awards, they were also awarded based on the office’s ability to increase downtown Orlando’s quality of life.

Beyond the awards, helping to shape and benefit the cities we serve is the best trophy we can ask for. Congrats, ADE!