In an effort to support the region’s long-term commitment to assist those adversely affected by the Pulse tragedy, Baker Barrios Architects Landscape Architecture team provided designs for a Reflection Garden to be installed at the new Orlando United Assistance Center. The garden was designed provide a place for the community to reflect and remember those that were lost or impacted.  While the project was put on-hold by the City of Orlando and Orange County Government until a memorial site has been announced, we wanted to share with you the hard work and dedication of our Landscape Architectural studio. In addition, we want to highlight those community partners that were a part of the team that were providing free materials and services to support the initiative.  Those partners included:  Anova Site Furnishings; Barfield Fence & Fabrication, Inc.; Belgard Pavers; Brightview Landscapes, LLC; Landscape Structures, Inc.; PSI Irrigation Design; Rep Services, Inc.; and UCC Group, Inc.