Baker Barrios Architects, Inc. is in the final rounds of designing the future home of the Guyana Sports Complex in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana – a sovereign state on the northern mainland of South America.

In a public address to the nation, President Granger acknowledged his commitment to promote development in an effort to strengthen national unity, expand national infrastructure and extend public services in support of a National Renaissance to capture the spirit of independence.

Anchored by a 24,000 seat National Football Stadium, the 230-acre development project will include an 80,000 square-foot training facility; 10 training fields; a co-ed sports academy; 18-hole golf course; 6,000 seat amphitheater; retail and business centers; a healthcare facility community outreach center; and a 5-star resort to include 120 rooms and 100 onsite residences.

“The master plan creates a true destination and an exciting experience for visitors, spectators and athletes, while establishing a framework for sustainable legacy development,” said Tim Baker, Principal of Baker Barrios Architects, Inc.  “This expansion project will provide a central hub for athletics while offering world-class amenities for fans and state-of-the-art resources and spaces for athletes to study, train, and live.”

View renderings and site plans.

EDITORIAL NOTE & PREVIOUS RETRACTION:  Please note that this release is updated from the original release on February 1, 2016 due to inaccurate information.  Neither the Guyanese government nor Alex Bunbury or ABSAA had stated that the Guyanese government has already approved the project.