03Jul 2024

Baker Barrios’ Marilyn Russell and Sydney Moeller bring their expert insights on how office design is influenced by education design. Companies are recognizing the importance of workspaces that promote employee health and productivity in the same way schools create environments where students thrive. As a result of this holistic approach to office design, which is […]

01Jul 2024

Baker Barrios’ Grayson Silver, Tampa Managing Partner, recently contributed an article for Southeast Real Estate Business. The article focuses on best practices for mixed-use developments.       Read more here: Southeast Real Estate Business May 2024 Page 30 (mydigitalpublication.com)

20Jun 2024

Earlier this month, as part of AIA2024, the Autodesk Forma team partnered with Torti Gallas + Partners and BBA’s Graham Oakley to showcase Forma’s implementation within each firm’s design process. From the power of iteration to harnessing the software’s native AI tools, it was an informative discussion with a great group. (with Marthe Turnes Brondbo, […]

14Jun 2024

Baker Barrios Architects’ visually stimulating design differentiates Society Orlando from existing options in the market. For example, the residences boast 10-foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a feeling of spaciousness in even the most efficient layouts. A minimalist color and material palette that includes hardwood flooring, custom cabinetry, solid-surface kitchen counters and fully built-out closets […]

11Jun 2024

Baker Barrios’ Grayson Silver, Managing Partner of the Tampa office, spoke with Multi-Housing News about key trends in student housing design. In this interview, he discusses the best formulas behind mixed-use projects and how architects can meet students’ growing appetite for authentic experiences.   Grayson Silver, Tampa Managing Partner   We prioritize creating spaces that […]

18Apr 2024

Baker Barrios’ Johnny Dagher wrote an article for Environments for Aging on retaining residents as they transition from independent living to assisted living. He found that the answer lies in hybrid design.   Johnny Dagher   Using a hybrid strategy, an independent living community is designed with the infrastructure to convert to assisted living down […]

22Apr 2024

#ArtificialIntelligence continues to be a hot topic in business, and hashtag#architecture is no exception. Bisnow‘s Dees Stribling recently spoke with our Wayne Dunkelberger about Baker Barrios’ early adoption of AI and hashtag#augmentedreality.   Chief Creative Officer Wayne Dunkelberger   You can read his full comments here: ‘A Huge Multiplier’: Advanced Augmented Reality Comes To CRE […]

12Mar 2024

Baker Barrios Architects is excited to release the renderings for Divehart, the country’s deepest warm-water therapy pool. The patented design of the deep therapy pool, planned for a minimum depth of 130 feet, features a unique telescoping configuration with a portion of the structure above grade, allowing for general observation of the divers. As the […]